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Current Transits

As the planets of our solar system orbit around the Sun, they move into mathematical relationships with one another. These relationships are called "transits." Transits operate like a pen highlighting words on a page - they draw our attention to a particular area. By understanding the meaning behind a specific transit we can understand the deeper meaning of events - both on a global scale as well as within our own lives.

Some transits move very quickly and are in effect for only a few days while others are in effect over months or even years. Shorter transiting events should always be viewed against the larger picture.

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Important Transits for 2012 -

We enter 2012 with two of the outer planets - Uranus and Neptune - making their transition into new signs. Uranus is now firmly in Aries, after a 7 1/2 year sojourn through Pisces, and Neptune is completing its transition from Aquarius into Pisces. Uranus and Neptune are two of the three generational planets (Pluto is the third). These planets are so far out in the solar system they stay in a sign of a zodiac for a very long time. Their transit through a particular sign describes the generational backdrop of the times. The movement of these two into new sign expressions, along with the transition of Pluto into Capricorn in 2008, represents the entry of our planet into a new and very different era.

Neptune transitions into Pisces. Neptune, lord of the sea and associated with the Egyptian lunar goddess of mystery, Nephthys, began its transition into the water sign Pisces on April 4, 2011. Neptune retrograded back into Aquarius on August 4, 2011 and moves firmly back into Pisces on February 3, 2012. We can expect a gradual breakdown of the boundaries that divide us during Neptune's 14 year transit through Pisces. Neptune will remain in Pisces until 2025.

Uranus squares Pluto. This powerful square will be the dominating transit of the next several years. On July 9, 2011, Uranus turned retrograde within a degree and a half of a square to Pluto. These two stayed within two degrees of a square through mid-September, 2011. The first exact square between Uranus and Pluto takes place on June 24, 2012. They come back into exact squares again on September 19, 2012, May 21 and November 1 of 2013, April 21 and December 2 of 2014 and finally on March 17, 2015. Seven exact squares in all.

The effect of Uranus is to shatter old outworn forms so as to allow new life to be born. Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld in the Roman archetypal pantheon. In traditional astrology Pluto represents the eternal cycle of death and rebirth. In the Egyptian pantheon Pluto is Osiris, the God of Regeneration; Uranus is Wadjet, the Great Awakener. The long lasting square between these two astrological giants suggests that we have only just begun our journey of incredible transformation and change.

Saturn opposite Jupiter. Jupiter (Horus), the principle of expansion, opposes Saturn (Sobek), the principle of consolidation. Jupiter and Saturn formed three exact oppositions in 2010 and 2011. Late in December, 2011 through late January, 2012, Jupiter will be stationary within a two degree opposition of Saturn.

Saturn trine Neptune. Saturn, the principle of contraction, comes into relationship with Neptune, representing illusion, delusion, cosmic consciousness and imagination. These two will be trine by degree from late December, 2011 through late February, 2012. They come into exact trine with one another on October 10, 2012 and then again on June 12 and July 20, 2013. The process of dissolution is given form.

Saturn enters Scorpio. Saturn enters a new sign every 2/12 years. On October 5, 2012, Saturn will enter the water sign Scorpio. Scorpio rules death and rebirth. This is another indication that the time has come for old forms to die.

Jupiter enters Gemini. Jupiter stays in a sign of the zodiac for about a year and will enter the air sign Gemini on June 11, 2012. It is a fertile time for new ideas, a welcome prospect during a time of deep transition and change.

Jupiter squares Neptune. Our access to the mysteries hidden behind the veils is expanded. June 24, 2012.

Mars Retrograde. Mars turns retrograde every two years for approximately three months at a time. Mars, the warrior king, is turning his energy inward. Mars turns retrograde in Virgo on January 23 and direct, also in Virgo, on April 13, 2012. A good time to analyze, organize, and establish our priorities around right action.

Venus Retrograde. Venus turns retrograde in Gemini on May 15 and will turn direct on June 27. Gemini is a sign of the intellect and thinking processes. Venus retrograde will support us in giving thought to that which we most value and wish to nurture in our lives.

Mercury Retrograde. Mercury turns retrograde three times in 2012, for approximately three weeks at a time. Mercury is the planet of communication and governs transportation and communication systems. Mercury retrograde periods are times when we need to collectively retreat - to take stock of that which needs to be re-thought or re-done since the last Mercury retrograde period. It is difficult to move forward in the way society expects and wants. Transportation and communication systems sometimes literally break down during Mercury retrograde periods, forcing upon us a collective respite from forward motion.

Mercury is the Egyptian god Thoth, the sacred scribe, who assists us in receiving downloads from divine source. Mercury retrograde periods are excellent times to open to our inner guidance - to re-think, re-process, re-do, and release our preconceptions of how things are to be. These times provide the opportunity to open to our soul's guidance as to our next right step.

Mercury turns retrograde on March 12 at Aries 7 degrees and will turn direct on April 4 at Pisces 24 degrees. Mercury's second retrograde period will begin on July 14 at Leo 13 degrees and end on August 8 at Leo 2. The third and last 2012 retrograde period of Mercury will start on November 6 at Sagittarius 5 degrees and end on November 26 at Scorpio 19 degrees.

Current Transits - Astrological Month of Scorpio, 2012.

- October 22 - Sun enters Scorpio -

- October 28 - Venus enters Libra -

- October 29 - Mercury enters Sagittarius; Full Moon at Taurus 7 degrees -

- November 6 - Mercury turns retrograde at Sagittarius 5 degrees -

- November 11 - Neptune turns direct at Pisces 1 degrees -

- November 13 - New Moon Solar Eclipse at Scorpio 22 degrees -

- November 14 - Mercury retrograde enters Scorpio -

- November 16 - Mars enters Capricorn-

- November 21 - Sun enters Sagittarius; Venus enters Scorpio -

The month of Scorpio brings many shifts and changes, with Venus moving through Libra and into Scorpio, Mars moving into Capricorn, and Mercury turning retrograde early in Sagittarius and then moving back into Scorpio. Neptune turns direct on November 11. Perhaps the most important event is the New Moon Solar Eclipse on November 13 in Scorpio.

To ancient people, eclipses were powerful and terrifying events. They were believed to foretell of doom and death, and of huge changes that would wreak havoc on people and their society. The experience of an eclipse was a rare event for ancient peoples because, unlike us, they only knew about the eclipses that they could see. Most cultures did not know how to predict these dramatic events. Total eclipses, of either the Sun or the Moon, appeared to block out these familiar and life-giving celestial objects, creating great fear and unease. "Where was the Sun, the great father, going? The Moon - our sister who lights our way in the dark - where was she going?"

In modern astrology, eclipses continue to represent a movement from one phase of development to another. We now know that eclipses happen somewhere in the world every three months or so, and yet it is those eclipses that can be seen directly that remain the most powerful to those who view them. Eclipses always come in at least twos (sometimes threes). In this instance the Solar Eclipse on November 13 - which will be a total eclipse - will be followed by a penumbral - or partial - Lunar Eclipse on November 28. Taking from the mind-set of ancient peoples, the time between the two eclipses can seen be as a sort of tunnel or birth canal between one expression of personal and collective self to another. In this case it is not "where has the Sun or Moon gone?", but "where are we going?" This Solar Eclipse takes place in Scorpio, the most intense of the water signs associated with sexuality, sensuality, death and rebirth. In the Egyptian pantheon, Scorpio is aligned with the cat goddess Bast. Bast uses her sensuality to activate our longing so that we surrender to the "now" and enter the birth canal that will lead us to a new expression of self. In this journey through the tunnel, or birth canal, we will be "re-born" at the Lunar Eclipse in the air sign Gemini, associated with receiving and communicating information.

The Solar Eclipse on November 13 takes place on the 22nd degree of Scorpio and will be visible in Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific. The Lunar Eclipse on November 28 will be visible through most of North America.

Mercury will turn retrograde on November 6 in Sagittarius and very close to the solar point of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Mercury turns retrograde three times a year for approximately three weeks at a time. Mercury is the planet of communication and transportation. In Roman and Greek mythology Mercury (Hermes to the Greeks) was the messenger to the gods. In traditional astrology, Mercury is the messenger between the various parts of our psyche to our ego. In Egyptian mythology, Mercury is associated with Thoth, the neter associated with enlightened communication. While external communications can be difficult during Mercury retrograde periods with breakdowns in personal communications as well as in the systems that manage our collective communication and transportation, this is also an excellent time to listen inwardly to our inner voice. Thoth is quite present in our lives during these times if we wish to access him. He will help us make a connection to divine source and to hear what it is that our soul most wants for us.

Mercury retrograde periods represent a turning within, as do the time between eclipses. Mercury turns retrograde on November 6 with the New Moon Solar Eclipse taking place on November 13. Mercury will turn direct on November 26 with the Lunar Eclipse on November 28. We are entering a time of turning inward for direction and inspiration. If we attempt to press forward we will find ourselves driven back. If we cooperate with this inner direction and listen to Thoth, the Sacred Scribe of shamanic Egypt, we will be rewarded with access to great wisdom from the internal realms.

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